Healthy Michigan Enrollment Starts Tuesday

The state will begin accepting applications for the Healthy Michigan Plan on Tuesday, April 1. Michigan residents will be able to enroll at any time online, by phone or in person.  

Enrollment details, including a toolkit, will soon be available online here.

State officials estimate as many as 320,000 people will sign up for the program in the first year, and eventually an estimated 470,000 may enroll. Through February, an estimated 144,000 people in Michigan had signed up for health insurance through the site. 

At a briefing for partners on Wednesday, DCH Director Jim Haveman urged every organization that interacts with potentially eligible individuals to share information about the importance of coverage and help individuals find assistance if needed with the enrollment form that takes approximately 34 minutes to complete.  He also said it was very important to remind people that Medicaid is retroactive back to the first of the month of enrollment so that there can be a steady effort at enrollment and not pressure to necessarily enroll on April 1.  


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